Murray Project, La Mesa

8135 El Paso Street, La Mesa

Storage is Critical to Our Clean Energy Future

Meet EnerSmart Storage

We're a San Diego-based battery storage innovator investing in solutions to support California’s clean energy transition. EnerSmart Storage develops, owns and operates energy storage projects to help keep the lights on by balancing electricity production and consumption minute-by-minute during daily peaks and grid-straining events. Formed in 2019, we have 8 storage projects in various stages of development and operation in San Diego County totaling 125 megawatts, including our proposed La Mesa project.

Where is the project?
What is the project’s zoning?
What is the project’s purpose?
How does the project benefit La Mesa residents and businesses?
Who does the project benefit?
What is the project’s storage capacity?
Will this project be safe for the neighborhood?
What will the project look like?
What will the project sound like?
Other than construction, what impact will the project’s operation have on the neighborhood?
Who approved this project?
How much will this project cost SDG&E ratepayers?
How does this project support the City of La Mesa’s priorities?
When will this project start construction and how long will it last?
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